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Compressed Advertising towel

Compressed Advertising towel
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Advertising towel

 Compressed cotton towel is one kind of compressed products. Compressed cotton towels are made of 100% cotton with compressed technology into a compact package. When put the magic cotton towels into water, you will watch them expandind fast, in a few seconds, a soft and comfortable towel is came into being! Soft touch, absorbant, lint-free, hygiene and convenient are five featuers of the compressed towel.

According to varies application, the magic cotton towels can be sorted into toweletter, hand towels, daily towels and bath towels. Because it is comressed towel, so it can be easy carry out for picnic, traveling, lido, hotel or as sales promotion.

Ingredient: 100% cotton
Aailable size:30*30cm, 30X60cm, 50X100cm, 70X140cm and so on
Material available: Velvet, Terry toweling
Shape available: Round, square, animal, toys ,flower ,star ....

Compressed Advertising towel Compressed Advertising towel

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